Price Matching Policy     

Our price checkers guarantee that we bring you the lowest prices possible every day, and that's a promise. However, if you happen to find a cheaper advertised price on an identical stocked item that's in stock with our competitor -  we'll beat it by 5%.

NB: - Today's price in store or online may be even lower than advertised, as we constantly check our prices to make sure ours are the lowest. Excludes stock liquidations (sale items), customer special orders, contract pricing and competitor clearance products.

Terms and conditions

Competitor's product must be in stock in the required quantities in a retail outlet located in Australia. Product must be identical (e.g. same brand, same model, same colour). Adequate confirmation of competitor's current advertised price required. We will not match clearance, auction sites or warehouse outlets. Competitor’s must have stock on hand and available for delivery however price matching is not available for back orders. Only available within Australia.

What items are excluded from price matching

  • Non identical products and services (inclusive of non identical warranties)
  • Package deals and bundles
  • Cash back and coupon offers
  • Resellers
  • Customer special orders
  • Contract Pricing
  • Competitor clearance products

MMA Factory reserves the right to limit the quantity of products available for price-matching at its discretion. Price matching does not extend to resellers.

How do I make a price match claim?

To make a price match claim, you can visit MMA Factory in store or email us and provide sufficient evidence of the lower price in the form of a current catalogue or other written advertising material. If the lower price needs further confirmation, a team member in store will contact the retail competitor to confirm the advertised price.

When can I request a price promise?

We can only price match items prior to purchase, in-store and online and with a team member. The agreed price match is only available on the same day, time and location that it is offered and verified.